Look Your Phobia in the Eye

Any phobia is a concern, a phobia is a gripping feeling that you are out of complete control. It is a fright that is out of control, and can seem like the walls around you are closing in. Your body is trying to shell you from the danger by expressing an emotion, but many times your body releases too much and you are closed in and unable to function.

If your natural shielding feeling that you have becomes out of control it turns into fear which turns into dread and then is a phobia. There are many treatment plans that I will explore, and if used correctly they will assist you with getting on with your life even with a life functionally.

A phobia will restrict your behavior and restrict your work if you let it. I know that it is uncontrollable when it happens, but it is possible to dull the fear. One successful method is a drawing down process of being within a certain radius of your phobia. Say that you have a phobia of spiders. Start with a picture and have it across the room or even on the porch outside. Try walking past it a few times. Even though you get the jitters when you do, it is important to realize that they won't last forever. You are going to change the way that you look at fear.

The second step is to take the picture inside if it was outside and move it a little closer to you. If you are able to have the picture within 3 feet of you that is consider this a major success. That proves that you are able to function and starting to control your phobia. If not that is ok, you will work up to it. Just start bringing the picture closer to you and eventually it will be within 3 feet of you. Wear down the fear. If you are exposed to it often enough the phobia will wear down to dread.

Once you are dreading it then start to handle the picture. It may give you the willies at first but pick up the picture and put it in a different spot in the house. If you are able to do that then you are ready to move onto the next step. If not keep practicing on this step and continue when you are ready.

The next step is to go within 20 feet of your fear. Say it is a spider. Go to the zoo and you don't have to walk in, but at least be where you can see the spiders for a few moments then walk away. Try to wear it down, and do it every day until you are ready to walk in.

Once you are ready to walk in, don't go directly up to the tank and start pecking on the windows. Stay away about three or four feet away, do this for about a week, at least 5 times. Until you feel that you are able to get closer. If you are ready to get closer then proceed. If not, it will come soon enough; look how far you've already come.

The next step is to be within 1 foot of your initial fear. Do you notice that I used initial fear? Even though you are extremely afraid at this point, you have taken the phobia away and now are dealing with, not dread, but fear. A fear is much easier to overcome then a phobia. You've come so far as of right now, there is just a few more …