We are a volunteer-based organisation and it is our aim to offer a friendly atmosphere for people from all over the world that suffer from all kinds of social phobias.

Since we are also suffering from social anxiety, among other disorders, we aim to provide help based on our experiences without doing so in the sterile atmosphere of a hospital. We wish to provide a platform and knowledge base for all people and to enable them to express their feelings and talk about their problems without restraint in the full knowledge that they are among people that understand.

However, we also aim to provide reliable and up to date information on social anxiety and its related issues which will help to provide an environment of support and advice for people in all problem areas including day-to-day life, work, socialising and dealing with health services.

Having looked for a long time for a friendly community ourselves and having been part of other communities that are dedicated to help, but do not provide the high standard of service and commitment we would enjoy, we eventually decided to start ourselves. We fully understand that you can have good days and bad days and we would encourage anyone to feel free to talk about their problems. Be it in our Forum or in our Live Chat. Feel totally free to provide as much or as little information about yourself as you wish.

We also try to organize meets for people with social anxiety which would provide a friendly atmosphere to go out and enjoy the company of fellow sufferers without the fear of being judged or ridiculed by others.