Drinking Less Water Affects Your Health, Causes Anxiety

Ever go about your day feeling like you are floating in a fog? Ever get that dizzy, merry-go-round feeling like you’re walking on wavy ground? Do you feel light-headed and faint, like you are going to pass out or your legs are going to give out underneath you?

Sounds like you need a glass of water.

Oddly enough, dizziness and light-headedness can lead to anxiety. When a person feels faint, it’s a feeling like they need to eat and are suddenly weak and unable to support their own weight. They need to sit down, the light is too bright, their eyes won’t focus on one particular object or face, and the mind won’t focus AT ALL.

When a body is under stress, it reacts physically, often by going into various mini-versions of “shut down” mode. This leaves the body weak and disoriented, and in urgent need of a break and a calm-down session.

Many people assume they are light-headed because they are tired, hungry, or have too much going on at once. While these are valid culprits, more often than not the greatest relief will come in the form of a huge glass of good ol H20. When a body is severely dehydrated (over 70 % of Americans are dehydrated on a daily basis) it cannot function to its fullest capacity. People treat their sluggish, dizzy conditions with caffeine and sugary foods to up their energy, which actually makes their symptoms worse.

If you are dizzy or light-headed, get a glass of water and SIT DOWN already. Your body is telling you it needs a break, so indulge it and consume a leisurely glass of water and clear your head. Often, anxiety is even caused by water deprivation, as the “fight or flight” response is is heightened when a body is in distress. Since the body spends a lot of energy when it’s in an anxious state, your already dizzy, sluggish self is further afflicted by anxious jitters and is in terrible need of relief.

Avoiding caffeine during the day helps balance the body’s need for water. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it causes the body to expel needed fluids from the body. Caffeine also masks the body’s natural cry for water, so when the energy from caffeine wears of, the worn-out body will react even more strongly than it already was, leaving you nauseous on top of the inability to focus.

Calm down. Your body has so many stressors both physically and mentally that it needs a break to regroup and create energy at various points of the day. Drinking water throughout the day helps calm the body down immensely, and if the body is physically calm, it is easier to become mentally calm on top of it.

Treat your body like a car. A car needs fuel to run, so does your body. Your body’s fuel is water. Consume water as your energy level tank gets low and you will find your energy peaking and ebbing much less.

If you pay attention to the warning signs of dehydration and shut down your body is giving you (dizziness, light-headedness, anxiety, unable to focus, jitters etc) and consume more water, you will feel more healthy, relaxed, focused and energized, naturally.