Funny Phobias

Stumble Upon is one of the greatest websites for those who like to surf the web with their interests taken into consideration. Each Stumbler can choose a variety of themes ranging from Humor to Philosophy to Zombies and simply click "Stumble". Then, websites carrying the specified themes pop up. Stumbling upon proved to be a worthy revelation.

My favorite phobia from the website above was Scolionophobia, fear of school. The next time you can't seem to get out of your warm and cozy bed, just blame it on Scolionophobia. You may want to see a doctor about it, too, because if left untreated, this condition may lead to Ergophobia, fear of work.

Venustraphobia is fear of beautiful women. If you spot a hot chick at a bar and your friends are daring you to talk to her even though you stand no chance, just about your condition. Make sure to practice pronouncing it properly beforehand, or else they'll just think you have a speech impediment.

Pteronophobia is fear of being tickled by feathers. If you happen to have this condition, make an effort not to walk around with bread crumbs covering the entire surface area of your body, attracting every respected pigeon.

If math is not your forte and five plus six equals approximately seventy-two, you may claim that you've been severely affected by Numerophobia, fear of numbers. A variation of this condition is Bibliophobia, which is fear of books. Try those two on your profs and see how quickly you get kicked out of college!

You only eat fast food? Don't feel bad! It's not your fault that you are always craving KFC! You are simply scared of vegetables! Lachanophobia the main cause of obesity. In fact, Mr. Ronald McDonald opened up his first restaurant due to this terrible condition. Apparently, it was contagious too. So far, the cure for the disease has not been discovered and frequency of Lachanophobia cases keeps growing.

Cacophobia, or fear of ugliness, is another serious condition affecting today's society; hence, a huge market for artificial beautifiers, i.e. make-up, weight loss pills, and plastic surgery. But don't feel bad for purchasing all that stuff. It's not that you are insecure about your looks; it's just that you very caring about wellbeing of others, and you don't want them to suffer from an illness after they look at you.

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