Phobias from A to Z

Most of us have heard of Agoraphobia (fear of public places), Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), and Claustrophobia (fear of closed in spaces). However, many of us have not heard of some of the more uncommon and sometimes even humorous fears, however irrational they may seem to be.

We all have the occasional itch, sometimes caused by an annoying insect, or sometimes occurring for no reason at all. Given a little time that itch will always go away so most people don't view itching as a big deal. People with Acarophobia do view itches as a big deal. Acarophobia is considered a rare fear, affecting less than 200,000 members of the United States population.

All of us do it everybody without thought or concern for it. All people need to walk in their everyday lives. People with Basophobia are scared of walking. Since all of us need to walk to function, Basophobia can be an extremely debilitating fear. Luckily Basophobia is considered an extremely rare fear.

We all have to have it to survive. Some of us have a lot of it, and some of us have very little of it, but nevertheless we all need money to put a roof over our head and food on the table. To the average person, money does not need to be feared, so to us it seems irrational, but people with Chrematophobia to fear money. It can be fairly debilitating, however most sufferers find ways to cope with their fear. Chrematophobia is extremely rare, so it is unlikely that you will meet someone with this fear.

Most Americans live in a house or an apartment building. Usually, in most homes, there is nothing to be afraid of, except for the monsters that your child insists are in their room at night. People who suffer from Domatophobia are afraid of houses or being inside a house. Almost anyplace you go, there will be houses, so this is a fear that is hard to avoid. Like most of these unheard of phobias, this one is also extremely rare.

Some of us did well on those SAT exams, and some us did horrible on them, but regardless, we all needed to have some amount of knowledge to take them. People with Epistemophobia are afraid of knowledge. We all possess knowledge so Epistemophobia is an extremely debilitating condition.

We all take advantage of the cold or cold objects in our everyday lives. Many of our favorite foods need to be refrigerated or put in the freezer, we use ice cubes to cool a warm drink, and we use cold items to dull our aches and pains. Like it or hate it, the cold is a part of our everyday lives. Frigophobia is the fear of cold or cold objects. Luckily for people who suffer from Frigophobia, the cold or cold objects can often be avoided.

Most happy people do it often. I'm of course talking about laughing. We laugh at the jokes of others, laugh at ourselves or other people, or just laugh for no apparent reason. Geliophobia is the fear of laughter. For the most part, we can try to avoid laughing or being near laughter at the expense of potentially being miserable.

One-third of our lives are spent sleeping. After a long hard day most of us look forward to a good nights rest. For people who suffer from Hypnophobia, sleep can be a dreaded event. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid sleep so sufferers may not get much rest from this phobia.

All of us have ideas ranging from extremely smart to extremely dumb. Those ideas can sometimes get us that promotion at work or get your spouse mad at you, but nevertheless we constantly have thoughts. Ideophobia is the fear of ideas. Trying to avoid this fear would pretty much be impossible.

Many ideas and objects come from a certain island in the far east. Some makes of cars, electronics, and even the word sayonara come from Japan. Japanophobia is the fear of anything Japanese, be it the country, the language, or anything relating to Japan in general.

I challenge anyone reading this to find a couch potato who has this next phobia. We all sit down for at least a little while each day. We sit down to eat a meal, drive a car, or to just watch television. Kathisophobia is the fear of sitting down. At least someone suffering from Kathisophobia can avoid sitting down.

Some of us don't like to talk in public, and some of us love to hear ourselves talk. Talking is a large part of human communication that conveys what we want or need and our feelings. Laliophobia is the fear of speaking. This one might be kind of hard to avoid.

Thanks to the automobile we can travel with ease. Imagine life for a moment without automobiles and how it would affect us. Perhaps someone with Motorphobia would wish for life without automobiles. People who suffer from Motorphobia have an extreme fear of cars that can severely impact their everyday life.

All of us have them given to us at birth. Even our pets have them. Of course I am talking about names. Since the beginning of humanity we have given ourselves names in an effort to individualize ourselves. Nomatophobia is the fear of names. Luckily this is a very rare phobia.

Foods give them off, flowers give them off too, and sometimes for better or for worse, we give them off. Our world would not be the same without smells. We use smells to determine if we should if something is appetizing or not, to attract the opposite sex, and to enhance our lives. People who have Olfactophobia are afraid of smells. Sometimes we all are afraid of the smells coming from last weeks leftover foods, but people with Olfactophobia are afraid of all smells.

This one may not make a lot of sense. Perhaps it might even be considered hypocritical. Regardless, some people are afraid of phobias. Phobophobia is the fear of phobias. This one could be very debilitating.

We all deal with numbers in our everyday lives, such as when we exchange currency, buy a certain number of items, and in many other day to day things. Most of us rarely thing about numbers or how we use them in our everyday lives, but people with Quadraphobia fear anything and everything to do with the number four.

When most of us were young, we liked to play in dirt and get dirty. Gardeners and landscapers work with dirt in their line of work. It might be hard to find a gardener with Rupophobia. Rupophobia sufferers are afraid of having dirt on them or even just being near dirt or seeing it.

We eat for enjoyment and more importantly, for our own survival. Thanks to this basic need, the restaurant industry thrives. People with Sitophobia are afraid of food and eating. This is one of the very few phobias that can be life-threatening if left untreated. Professional medical help is often needed to treat this phobia.

Most of us rely on the telephone to keep in touch with our loved ones. Even in the age of the internet and e-mail, it is still not the same as hearing your loved one speak to you. Thanks to the cell phone, no matter where we are, we can always have a telephone with us. Telephonophobia sufferers will not carry a cell phone or want to use any other telephone for that matter since they are afraid of telephones. This phobia is more of an inconvenience than anything.

Most of us who believe in a heaven strive to make it there someday. Most people believe that heaven is a perfect place without any of the problems that affect us here on Earth. However, there are those people who are actually afraid of heaven. These people suffer from Uranophobia. These people might actually strive to avoid ever reaching heaven due to their fear.

Except for the occasional nudist, we all wear clothes. We use them to make a fashion statement, keep ourselves warm, and more. People who suffer from Vestiphobia are afraid of clothes. This phobia might be difficult to deal with since we are all expected to wear clothes in our society.

We all have read stories about witches and witchcraft at some point in our lives. Whether or not you believe in witches and witchcraft, it is a popular concept used in certain books, video games, movies, and more. People who are afraid of witches and witchcraft have Wiccaphobia.

Some of us are lucky enough to speak more than one language. For the rest of us, we are stuck speaking our native language. Xenoglossophobia is the fear of foreign languages. This phobia is subjective because a language foreign to them is not foreign to the people who speak the native languages.

Unfortunately, there are no phobias that begin with the letter Y. So instead, last but not least, the letter Z phobia. We are all jealous to some extent, whether it is of someone or something that someone owns. Extreme jealousy is considered a bad habit by many people. Zelophobia is the fear of jealousy. On the bright side, at least with this phobia you won't be jealous.