When Panic Attacks My Health

Coping with Anxiety

Maintaining emotional health can be challenging for anyone who is having a bad day. For people who suffer from regular panic attacks, even a good day can be a challenge when coping with anxiety. Factors such as past trauma, relationship problems, work-related stress, financial worries, body health, arguments with friends, family and even strangers all have been known to trigger panic attacks. Many of the medications prescribed by health practitioners come with a list of crippling side effects. Aside from medication, what are some ways to manage panic attacks and anxiety?

The First of Many Panic Attacks
My idea of coping with normal teenage life was anticipating the next day I would spend with my boyfriend. When I wasn’t with him, I thought about normal teenage problems like my struggles with academics, friend trouble, and family that didn’t understand me. My first panic attack happened at the age of 17. It started with a pounding in my chest, and a feeling of blockage in my throat that made it difficult to breathe.

Another four years went by before I was diagnosed with panic attacks. The drugs prescribed by my health clinic treated both anxiety and panic attacks. The prescription label instructed me to take the medication several times a day. I experienced a great deal of insomnia, and other times I could not get enough sleep. It also caused many health problems including lightheadedness, increased depression, dry mouth, drowsiness, irritability, and body weakness. The anxiety medication made me feel worse than the panic attacks.

A Natural Approach to Coping with Anxiety
Now I take a more natural approach to coping with my anxiety. To calm my anxiety and prevent panic attacks, I make small changes in my life. Through my work with animals, to practicing breathing exercises, and listening to music, I have experienced a great improvement in my anxiety. Even some of the worst panic attacks can be fixed with the right music. The music assists with the mind’s ability to focus on the task of calming and coping with problems on an individual basis.

The first key to coping with anxiety naturally for me was being able to accept that I had control over my body. Once I had control over my body, I felt that I had control over my life. I did not let the anxiety ruin my life. Instead, I allowed it to help me understand how to live it.